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"IELTS is easier to access than many other language proficiency tests and is well-recognised by most universities."

Tina Lok Sun Ko, Ying Wa Girls' School, IELTS score 8


"British Council allows online registration and credit card payment."

Carlo Kim Nemeño, NCR Corporation, IELTS score 8


"I think IELTS is the most desirable and accurate test for your English proficiency. It tests four areas of English and I am pretty sure that my test results reflect my proficiency."

Minkyou Kim, IELTS score 7


"IELTS is popular and accepted by many schools."

Hanh Phuc Nguyen, Institute of Population, Health and Development, IELTS score 8


"British Council was easy to access."

Rhesaldi Hartono, Petra Christiran University, IELTS score 7


"I took IELTS with British Council because both the exam and organisation are credible."

Sham Yee Sammi Yu, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, IELTS score 8


"IELTS is the preferred test when applying to Canadian colleges."

Marisol Devesa Conde, IELTS score 6.5


"British Council is doing great work! I personally advise everybody to take IELTS at British Council."

Sujesh Mohan, Micron, IELTS score 6.5