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Frequently Asked Questions - EnglishScore Tutors

How do I create an account?

You can get started by visiting our website:

Most of our students start with £1 trial session. After this trial session, users can purchase additional sessions on their account.

What is the trial session?

Trial sessions are something we offer to new users so you can have a go at using the platform, seeing the tutors and taking a 30 minute long session to make sure it's right for you.

After this, if you would like, you can purchase additional sessions on the website.

Please note: trial sessions are only available to new users.

What do I do after my trial session?

After your trial session you can decide if you would like to continue using EnglishScore Tutors and book more sessions with the same or a different tutor. When you are logged in you can visit this page to purchase more sessions.

What language is this available in?

Currently the platform is only in English, we are in the process of looking at translating this into other languages based on demand.

How long is each session?

Each session lasts for 30 minutes.

What is covered in each session?

The session content is flexible and personalised to your needs. You will work with your tutor to identify areas you need to improve.

Typically sessions are split into two sections:

  • 50% speaking - often based on an exercise completed in homework
  • 50% language point - this involves reviewing the language point from last class and the introduction of a new language point

Can sessions be longer?

Yes, many of our students decide to book 2 sessions in a row. This will allow the session to run for a full hour.

When do sessions take place?

Our tutors are based all over the world, meaning we have availability 24/7. You can book a session at any time of day to fit with your needs.

How do users reschedule/cancel a session?

You can cancel or make a change to your session 6+hours before your session starts.

To make a change or cancel your session, simply login to your account, and navigate to your booked sessions, click the arrow on the session you would like to change and press the delete button.

If you are unable to attend a session taking place in less than 6 hours, please contact our support team so they can let the tutor know. You will unfortunately lose your session in this case.

What technical requirements are needed to use EnglishScore Tutors?

To use EnglishScore Tutors you need:

  • A computer with a stable internet connection
  • Google Chrome installed
  • A working webcam and microphone

You can test to see if EnglishScore Tutors will work for you using this test tool:

Do people have to have a webcam and microphone?

You must have a microphone to use EnglishScore Tutors.

We do also highly recommend you use a webcam as this significantly improves the experience.

Does this work on mobile?

We recommend that you use EnglishScore Tutors on your computer with Google Chrome.

How do I know if the platform will work for me?

If you want to test and see if the platform will work on your computer, or if your network is fast enough for the sessions you can run our online technical test:

Where is EnglishScore Tutors available?

EnglishScore Tutors is available in almost every country in the world. We have had reports of issues accessing in a few countries with government enforced firewalls (for example China and UAE).

We are also currently not accessible in US sanction countries.

We are working hard to resolve these issues so we are available globally in the near future.

Who are the tutors?

The tutors on our platform have all been carefully selected. Every tutor on our platform meets the following criteria at a minimum:

  • 2+ years teaching experience + experience teaching online.
  • TEFL Certificate (e.g. CELTA).
  • Experience teaching adults
  • Tech-savvy: confident with computers

You can meet some of the tutors on EnglishScore Tutors on our website:

What does ‘British Council Approved’ mean?

All of the tutors on EnglishScore Tutors are British Council approved. This means that although they are not employees of British Council, they do meet certain standards which have been approved by British Council.

Do tutors speak other languages?

Yes, many of our tutors speak one or a number of other languages. You can see the other languages our tutors speak by logging in to your account and selecting the 1-1 Sessions page. Here you can see all of the tutors available, the other languages they speak and to what level in the “Languages”section.

How much is a session on EnglishScore Tutors?

You can purchase an introductory trial session for US$1. After your trial session, you can purchase packs of sessions 3, 10 or 20. The pricing is as follows:

3 sessions - US$64

10 sessions - US$189

20 sessions - US$339

How many sessions do people normally buy?

Most of our users start by purchasing a pack of 10 sessions. However many of our users buy a number of packs because they are enjoying EnglishScore Tutors and see the progress they are making thanks to their tutor.

Which currencies can people pay in?

People can purchase sessions in four currencies at present. These are:

  • British Pound Sterling
  • US Dollars
  • Indian Rupees
  • Euros

As EnglishScore Tutors is becoming more popular in different countries around the world we are working hard to add the appropriate currencies.

Is there different pricing for businesses?

Yes, we have a rate card for corporate packages. Please get in touch with our team for more information:

What payment methods do you currently offer?

Right now we accept all major Debit & Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) we also accept Paypal.

We are working to add new payment methods, if there is a method you would like to see us add to the platform, please do get in touch:

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