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Covid-19 Updates and Health Advisory

Date: April 2020

Covid-19 updates for test takers

At the British Council, the health and safety of our staff, customers and the communities in which we operate is our top priority. Thank you for working with us as we follow the advice of the health authorities and government in our response to the spread of Covid-19 in Hong Kong.

Following the directive on safe distancing issued by the Hong Kong government on 29 March 2020, we have re-designed our test layouts to ensure that test takers and staff maintain a 1.5 metre separation at all times. We have also adopted the important additional hygiene measures that have been advised by the government. Please click in the expandable section below for details of these.


Hong Kong

Paper-based IELTS

The government new measures is impacting on our testing schedule. For Paper-based IELTS test,  we will then contact directly all test-takers who have registered for tests scheduled on 25 or 30April to confirm or re-confirm their test status. 

Computer-delivered IELTS

The current situation for computer-delivered IELTS tests* is that tests will run as scheduled. Test takers should read the test taker special measures and be fully prepared to comply.

*Computer-delivered IELTS tests will run at the British Council in Admiralty and theDesk , with restrictions in place that meet the current Hong Kong government regulations on gatherings and social distancing (no more than four people per test, including the invigilator, and at a distance of 1.5m).

Please do not attend your test if: 

  • you are under a 14-day compulsory quarantine, stay-at-home order, medical surveillance or a self-quarantine order, as specified by the Hong Kong Government 
  • you have a high temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms.



Computer-delivered IELTS tests are suspended until April 

Paper-based IELTS tests are suspended until April 


Re-scheduling and refunds

IELTS Test takers who have registered for a test up to two months can request to re-schedule their test date by up to two months or take a refund through sending us email to request (an administration fee will be deducted). .

However, we have made the following exceptions for test takers who can request to re-schedule their test date by up to two months or take a full refund without a deduction:

  • are currently in a country or place that would face quarantine on arrival in Hong Kong, and are therefore are unable to travel to Hong Kong for the test
  • are under 14-day compulsory quarantine order, 14-day medical surveillance or other self-quarantine order, as required by the Hong Kong government
  • have a high temperature, persistent cough, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms.

If any of the above apply to you, please send email to us your request at We will send a confirmation within five working days.


Test report forms

  • Test takers who have already taken their test will receive their TRF by mail. 
  • If results are urgently needed and it is 5 days since your computer delivered test or 13 days since your paper test then please email your test centre.
  • Collection of TRFs at the test centre is not available. 


For general information on Covid-19 in respect to studying in the UK and UK qualifications please see:

For more information or assistance, please contact our customer services team at


We are monitoring the situation very closely and will continue to take relevant measures in the days ahead. 

More information on protecting yourself from Covid-19 can be found here: 

Many thanks for your continued support and understanding at this difficult time. 

The British Council in Hong Kong