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Prepare for IELTS

Road to IELTS

Designed by British Council IELTS experts, Road to IELTS offers free online preparation practice which covers the four skills evaluated in IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  

With over 120 hours of interactive activities, advice videos from British Council experts, hints and tips on question types, and downloadable practice tests, Road to IELTS is comprehensive, up-to-date and aimed precisely at the challenges candidates face.


Road to IELTS major upgrades in 2016:

(1) 536 newly-reformatted exercises for a better user experience 

(2) Six updated Academic Writing task 1 modules with completely new content, including the addition of Americanised themes 

(3) Updated exercise images for better relevance and audience engagement

(4) User interface enhancements with a more sophisticated outlook and improved user experience 


The following table will help you identify which version of Road to IELTS best suits your needs.

  What does it include? Who is it for?
Road to IELTS: Test Drive  10 hours of material  Free for everyone 
Road to IELTS: Last Minute  20 hours of material  Only available to candidates who registered for IELTS with British Council 
Road to IELTS: Full Version  120 hours of material  Anyone can purchase the full version 

Register for IELTS with British Council today to enjoy 20 hours of free Road to IELTS practice material. Get ready for a great IELTS score!