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Student testimonials from Singapore

"British Council are doing great work! I personally advise everybody to take IELTS at British Council. "

Sujesh Mohan, Micron, IELTS score 6.5 (Canada)


"IELTS is accepted by most institutions worldwide. "

Cedina Bayani, Alfonso Ponce Enrile Memorial District Hospital, IELTS score 6.5 (Australia)


"I chose British Council because of its established reputation as an organisation. In addition, the testing centre facilities are very desirable for candidates. "

Jeffry Senga, Tan Tock Senga Hospital, IELTS score 7.5 (Singapore)


"I chose to take IELTS at British Council because of the high-quality service they provide. "

Reslyn Mendoza, Singapore General Hospital, IELTS score 6.5 (US)


"I believe that British Council has experienced examiners who can assess our English skills effectively. They also provide a workshop prior to your actual test date which gives you an idea about the exam structure and scoring.” "

Marjorie Barrion, Luxasia Pte Ltd, IELTS score 7.5


" IELTS is widely recognised and trustworthy. "

Rui Mao, Institute of Mental Health, IELTS score 7.5 (Australia)