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Why take IELTS with the British Council?

Latest offers in Singapore

Weeknight IELTS speaking sessions

Planning to take IELTS? Weeknight speaking sessions now available from 30 June.

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What you can get from us

Pre-test support
  • Clear and comprehensive test information available on British Council websites.
  • We provide clear and comprehensive information on pre-test procedures and test-day arrangements to our test takers.
  • A wide range of preparation materials offered by British Council to help you achieve your best personal score. Online-to-offline resources include:
  • Responsive and helpful customer service team to address your needs. 
Test day experience
  • World-class test facilities and arrangements allow you to better concentrate during the test.
  • Our attentive and professional invigilators are ready to help you perform better.
  • We do the best we could to assign the most suitable Speaking test date and time for you.
Post-test service
  • We offer a user-friendly online enquiry service for your test result.
  • We offer timely delivery of your printed Test Report Forms.
  • At British Council, we take your post-test enquiries seriously. We handle all of your enquiries professionally, from the delivery of the Test Report Form to Enquiry on Results.