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"I heard that IELTS is the most accurate evaluation when it comes to assessing English proficiency."

Jisu Jang, Hospital, IELTS score 6


"I think IELTS is unlike other English tests, especially TOFEL. When I had to choose between the two, I didn't want to study for a test in which it is impossible to get a high score without memorising useless jargon. IELTS gave me a chance to succeed with my everyday English, learned from watching UK dramas and listening to BBC radio. I think that IELTS is a very valid test. If you are really interested in English and use it on a daily basis, getting a high score is not as difficult as it is in other tests."

Chaelyeon Pak, The Catholic University of Korea, IELTS score 7


"IELTS is widely accepted."

Ranran Li, Soochow University, IELTS score 6.5


"I heard about IELTS from many of my friends."

Mai Nguyen, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, IELTS score 6.5


"I chose to take IELTS at British Council because of the high-quality service they provide."

Reslyn Mendoza, Singapore General Hospital, IELTS score 6.5