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Student testimonials from Vietnam

"I took IELTS because I wanted to be more familiar with the accent when I study in a British school."

Tran Bui, British Vietnamese International School, IELTS score 6.5


"IELTS is popular and accepted by many schools."

Hanh Phuc Nguyen, Institute of Population, Health and Development, IELTS score 8 (Canada)


"I heard about IELTS from many of my friends."

Mai Nguyen, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, IELTS score 6.5 (USA)


"British Council is very well-known and has a great reputation and image. Taking IELTS with British Council means that my certificate will be easily recognised and appreciated by organisations and universities."

Quang Duong, Chau Nhat, PetroVietnam Oil Corporation, IELTS score 7.5 (Australia)


"I took IELTS to help me get into my course abroad. "

Duc Nguyen, RMIT Vietnam, IELTS score 8 (Australia)


"The quality of the IELTS exam by the British Council was excellent. Before I took the test, I worried the most about the sound quality of the listening test. Finally the headset was of excellent quality and the exam went smoothly. "

Nguyen Minh, Singapore international School, IELTS score 9 (Australia)


"After hearing some good feedback about the great service that British Council provides, I decided to take the IELTS exam at BC. With help from professional and useful staff members, I was well informed about what I had to bring to the test venue as well as all the important processes that I had to complete to finish signing up for the exam. The comfortable testing environment allowed me to focus all my attention on the test and therefore I was able to maximize my ability. Overall, I was very pleased with my testing experience and I believe that British Council played an important role in helping me achieve my dream score. "

Thai Bao Khanh, British International School, IELTS score 8.5 (USA)


"Taking IELTS with British Council is such a pleasant experience. I registered for the test online, which only took 10 minutes to complete as the website was very user-friendly. A few days later, a full package of guidance notes and necessary documents was delivered to my house. I was impressed by the convenience and professionalism that British Council embedded in their registration process. On test day, British Council definitely satisfy me with the sound quality and the setting (light and seat) in the room. Therefore, I took my IELTS test with the utmost comfort. I believe British Council provides their candidates with the best conditions and would recommend others to take IELTS exam with them. "

Nguyen Hong Anh, Standard Chartered Bank, IELTS score 8 (Vietnam)


"IELTS exam contains highly academic language. So technically you will have to get used to using such language while revising which is very important skill when studying abroad. Furthermore, the way the IELTS exam is designed is very similar to an actual education environment, so you will develop all the basic skills of studying abroad by the time you finish revising. "

Nguyen Hai Anh, Hanoi Amsterdam High School, IELTS score 8 (USA)