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Limited time online course

Understanding IELTS - ExpertTrack

The Understanding IELTS ExpertTrack is four courses comprising of 12 weeks/36 hours of learner content giving a deeper dive into the subject. Learners can work through the four topic-focused courses at their own pace and get a certificate and prove their expertise. Learners get seven days’ free access at sign-up and then have to subscribe to continue accessing the course.

Learners can begin anywhere in the Track and tackle the courses in whatever order they choose. Subscriptions costs GBP36/EUR36/USD39/AUD59 per month and ends automatically when the learner finishes the ExpertTrack or chooses to stop.

Understanding IELTS is a complete guide to preparing for the IELTS test with four courses covering reading, writing, speaking and listening.


The Understanding IELTS ExpertTrack opens in 1 February 2021 and it follows the always available model, allowing participants to join and start learning any time. 

Who is it for?

This IELTS preparation ExpertTrack is aimed at anyone who is preparing for IELTS. It is also useful for IELTS teachers.

The four courses are a complete preparation for the four parts of the IELTS test. While the focus in the Writing and Reading courses is on IELTS Academic in preparation for study, the tips, advice and strategy will also be very helpful for those preparing for the General Training test.

*Users must be aged 13 to use the FutureLearn platform. There is no upper age limit on this content.

Why IELTS - ExpertTrack?

  • Seven days’ free access at sign-up
  • A deep dive into IELTS through four courses
  • Start any course, or all four courses, at any time 
  • Optional live community events
  • A certificate to prove your success

Limited time online course

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