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IELTS for Malaysia

Student testimonials from Malaysia

"I believe that IELTS is the best English language proficiency test."

Cheng Yuan Ng, Sunway college, IELTS score 7 (Singapore)


"IELTS is an internationally-recognised test."

Tse Shan Phoebe Chen, Beacon Collage, IELTS score 7.5 (UK)


"IELTS is easily available at British Council and recognised world wide."

Ung Hua Lau, UiTM, IELTS score 7 (New Zealand)


"The test location and date were convenient."

Nurfarhaana Ahmad  Nafiz, BDP International, IELTS score 7 (Australia)


"IELTS is accepted by many universities. I also enjoyed the proximity of the British Council centres."

Lim Jia Xin, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, IELTS score 7.5 (Europe)


"“I chose to take IELTS at British Council because my friends recommended it to me."

Jessica Liew, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, IELTS score 7 (UK)


"IELTS is accepted by most institutions."

Nor Aminnin Salman, Zuellig Pharma, IELTS score 6.5 (Australia)


"IELTS is cheap and the result can be received within one week after the exam."

Muhammad Azizan Azri Abdullah Damit, Wasan Vocational School, IELTS score 6 (UK)


"IELTS was recommended by my sibling, who had taken the exam."

Pei Yi Soh, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, IELTS score 8 (Netherlands)


"IELTS is the preferred test when applying to Canadian colleges."

Marisol Devesa Conde, IELTS score 6.5 (Canada)


"IELTS is recognised by the university which I intend to apply to."

Magdalene Tan, Foon Yew High School, IELTS score 7 (UK)


"IELTS is recognised by most countries where I am interested in seeking employment."

Yin-YiChan, University of Greenwich, IELTS score 8 (Canada)