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‘IELTS Ready Premium’ – Gets you ready for IELTS

IELTS Ready Premium’ offers personalised resources that get you better prepared for IELTS. It’s free and available exclusively to all British Council IELTS test takers! 


As you complete your practice tests, ‘IELTS Ready Premium’ will adapt and personalise your study plan to help you get the score you need.   


You will get free access when you book IELTS with us, until 7 days after your Listening/Reading/Writing test date. All you need to do is book your test with the British Council and get started!  


Here’s what you can expect from ‘IELTS Ready Premium’ 

  • 40 practice tests – speaking, writing, reading and listening 
  • writing practice with model answers to show you what examiners are looking for 
  • feedback on every reading and listening question 
  • skills masterclasses to prepare you for test day 
  • exercises to help practice Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking skills. 


Get your free access 

Once you have booked your test with the British Council, log in to the Test Taker portal to gain access. 

The earlier you register with us, the more time you have to explore the comprehensive preparation resources offered by ‘IELTS Ready Premium’ and get better prepared for your test! 

Book in advance and make the most of this premium and exclusive preparation offer for free!

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