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IELTS Study Planner

Date: 13 April 2020

We have prepared an IELTS Study Plan specially for you so that you are ready to take your IELTS test in the coming months.

Our plan will guide you through a range of free IELTS study materials and resources, as well as suggest activities you can do to improve your English skills. It is our hope that the planner will get you acquainted with the test format and also improve your confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening in English.

Please note, the IELTS Study Planner is intended to be used as a guideline only. Use the self-check boxes to tick whether or not you have completed the activities listed. Many of you will have different needs and priorities, based on factors such as general English language ability and time available to study. Feel free to adapt the planner to best suit your needs, for example, by spending more time focusing on the skills that you are weaker in or practising a different skill each day.

And remember, for most of you, your IELTS preparation began a long time ago when you first started to learn English!

We hope you enjoy using the Study Planner. #StaySafe #PrepSmart

Download the IELTS Study Planner: CLICK HERE