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IELTS Prize winners 2016/17

Justin Nurdiansyah

Indonesia IELTS Prize Winner 2017
International Civil and Commercial Law, Leiden University

It really goes without saying that being awarded the British Council IELTS Prize helps me to pursue my Master's degree abroad, where I can broaden my knowledge and skills while immersing myself in one of the most enriching and educationally stimulating experiences of my life.

Taking IELTS with British Council was actually the very first English proficiency test that I had sat. One thing that I found really interesting was that, in the Speaking test, I could directly demonstrate my English abilities to the examiner (who was a real person and not a computer).

I believe that one of the most important ways to prepare for IELTS, other than lots of practice, is to create a healthy mindset. You need to set aside your fear of failure to achieve your ideal score and, instead, think of the test as a tool to measure your survivability when you live or study abroad. This way, you will not see the test as a burden but as an indicator of whether you are ready to leave your comfort zone and pursue your dreams.

I am so humbled and deeply honoured to find out that British Council has trusted me to be one of the IELTS Prize recipients for this year. Words cannot really describe my gratitude for the financial aid your organisation has provided.

Harmawan Susetiyana

Indonesia IELTS Prize Winner 2017
Advanced MSc Governance and Development, University of Antwerp

The IELTS Prize has given me a chance to make my dreams of pursuing a postgraduate degree in Europe come true.

Taking IELTS at the British Council was really satisfying. The test was well organised, the staff were very friendly and created a comfortable atmosphere, and the audio in the Listening section was perfectly clear.

The whole process of preparing for IELTS was not just about getting accepted into my university of choice. It also enabled me to confidently enter English-speaking environments throughout the rest of my life. If you want to thrive with IELTS, make sure you get maximum exposure to English in your day-to-day life and join an IELTS preparation class. There’s also a lot of independent preparation you can do with British Council’s online materials. By choosing British Council as your provider, you also stand a chance to win the annual IELTS Prize and pursue your dreams.

Thank you British Council for your support!