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Taking GMAT and IELTS:

Your favourable choice in applying for business schools

Two tests that open doors around the world

Applying for business programmes or PhD in management in countries or regions such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Singapore? This test combination is your best choice in your multi-destination applications.

Two skills that boost your confidence

Through preparation for the two tests, your English proficiency and logical reasoning skill would be enhanced for business related studies and career.

Two tests that save your time and effort

Avoid the complicated professional terms and difficult vocabulary. Prepare for your tests with ease and make your applications more effective.

Two tests that secure your academic achievements

Standardised test centres give you a secure location for the tests. The test centres that are quiet and systematic allow you to perform well on the test day.

GMAT and IELTS testimonials

I decided to take GMAT and IELTS because they strengthen my resume and are often a basic requirement when applying for an MBA scholarship and other graduate programmes. The key benefit of obtaining a respectable GMAT score is the confidence boost that comes with the achievement; since succeeding in the test, I’ve felt like I can do anything and in a limited amount of time. Both the IELTS and GMAT definitely help me stand out from hundreds of other individuals. In fact, IELTS helped me land my first interview and GMAT got me my second job!
Dong Le Ba Thong
Student at University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I was inspired to take GMAT and IELTS as they are both internationally recognised and required by the business schools for which I applied.  Studying for IELTS involved some challenging moments where I had to really focus on my learning, study a few test-taking skills, and fully immerse myself in English. Studying for GMAT improved my critical reasoning, which is a must for business schools. My previous work experience required me to frequently make arguments, some of which were 'stretched’. The GMAT encouraged me to eliminate these unfounded assumptions, which is great.
Nguyen Viet Linh
MBA student in The Ohio State University

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