What’s up 2021?

For me, 2021 is just as unexpected as the year 2020. After completing the first term of my postgraduate studies remotely in Hong Kong, I was eager to experience in-person teaching for the remainder of my studies in the UK. Unfortunately, classes have once again been moved online due to the rapid spread of a new variant of coronavirus. Things definitely did not go as planned, but I’m thankful for being able to spend extra time with my loved ones while I’m still studying remotely Hong Kong.

Regardless of the study mode, my plan for the new year is to be able to enjoy the rest of my studies as much as possible. I do look forward to being able to set foot in the dining halls of Oxford and having a meal with my classmates that I haven’t had the chance to meet personally. Of course, my ultimate goal this year is to finish my dissertation and graduate, but another resolution of mine is to be able to set aside time to rest. That said, for those who are aiming to study abroad in the coming academic year, it’s time to act now and apply for the IELTS Prize!