Studying During the Covid Situation

Because of Covid, I haven’t been able to travel to London at all this academic year, and have been studying at home online.  While it was definitely hard to acclimatise to entirely online lessons at first, I’ve slowly gotten the hang of it.  Here are some of my learning points in trying to make the most of the online situation.

1. Be well prepared for class!  Since my classes are in one-hour blocks, and there’s always a bit of “lag-time” when it comes to getting Zoom calls moving, class time is very precious – so I try not to waste it!  My advice is to do all the pre-reading before class, and if possible, think of any questions you have beforehand!  As you can’t chance upon your class teachers and ask them by the by questions in hallways, make the online class time count!

2. Stay healthy and exercise – this is really important because with the shift to online class, a lot of a student’s daily exercise – walking between classrooms and around the school campus – is reduced to mouse clicks.  Any “social” sports of the pre-Covid era are probably gone too.  But exercise is important not only for general health, but for your productivity and learning too!  So consciously plan times to go out and get a bit of sun – even going for a walk is awesome.

3. Practice your language skills!  Whether it be in dorm rooms or at home, Covid has largely reduced student life to being kings/queens of our little hermit kingdoms.  But there is a positive to the lack of activities and social invitations – more time to devote to self-directed projects and learning.  With the excess time, it might be a good idea to work on your English language skills(!) for the hopeful possibility that we might interact with other human beings once more.  There are lots of great resources produced by the British Council and IELTS (like the IELTS App!) that you can use to hone your language skills, so that by the time Covid has blown over you can get that 9.0!