Brighter and better 2021

Ithran Kho

As this brand new year continues to unfold, I find myself having two simple resolutions – to be more positive and to be better.

I’m not talking about testing positive with the virus as I had been last year, but rather about having a more optimistic outlook in life amidst all these setbacks and discouragements this pandemic has brought. I will move on from my fears and will consciously shift my perspective –  to be more excited and forward-looking on what this year has in store for me.  Also, I want to be better in many things this year – be a better doctor, a better student, a better person. I will train hard to be the best physician I can be, especially in these trying times when my country needs me the most. I will cherish more of the limited moments I spend with my family at home. I will work hard and will keep pushing to be a better version of myself, if not the best. 

Taking the IELTS with the British Council last year has paved the way for an opportunity to study abroad. After months of postponement due to the current situation, I would like to finally pursue this in 2021.  With renewed perspective and resolutions, I look forward to brighter and better year ahead.